Kennedy Experience: Swat Mission

The Kennedy Experience is an action escape room in which you will test your mental skills but also your aiming and physical aptitudes.

Up to 6 players
85 minutes
Theme: Action
The most frenetic experience!

The Most Exciting Experience. Action Game.

President Kennedy is the leader of Project X, an organization whose purpose is the opposite of La Orden: to ensure that the great secrets of history remain hidden. Now, Project X wants to wipe out La Orden.

To prevent it, La Orden sends a team to assassinate Kennedy. But he has been alerted of this mission and has deployed a special CIA device to protect the presidential caravan from many different points.

Will you succeed in taking down Project X?

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What's the experience like?

The Kennedy Experience is an escape game similar to The Blue Experience in Colors by Experiencity. An action game that will leave you breathless.

Attention agents: Remember to bring comfortable clothes and shoes. In case of claustrophobia, please consult by email or phone

I played SWAT in Barcelona, is it replayable?

It is a partially replayable game: the last two rooms have been completely changed and now there are 3 instead of 2.

The first three rooms keep most of the original games, although they have been partially modified. The narrative of the game is completely new.